Coach Caleb has been coaching Boulders Climbing Teams since October 2014. One of Caleb’s favorite things about coaching is watching the kids improve their climbing. Caleb enjoys the bond that the climber and belayer share, both with each other, and with the outdoors. He loves being a part of the Climbing Team kids’ lives and teaching them about the sport that he’s passionate about.  


Coach Alex Molzahn

Alex has been coaching Climbing Team since the fall of 2016. He got his start climbing as a Team Member himself in 2012, after coming into Boulders with some friends. He hasn’t been able to bring himself to leave ever since. Alex enjoys coaching because of the character traits it builds that can benefit climbers in other areas of their lives, like self-confidence, trust, work ethic, and perseverance. Alex loves helping the team members problem-solve on the wall, and loves seeing them break through barriers. “I especially love the positive attitude and work ethic our team kiddos bring. Working with them is always a high point of my day, and leaves me feeling psyched to climb harder on my own time.”

Coach Zander Esh

Zander began coaching Climbing Team at Boulders in 2016. He actually started out on Climbing Team here himself in 2013, before working his way up and earning a position in the coaches’ circle. Zander’s been climbing since 2012, when he came into Boulders for the first time on a two-week trial. He loves the personal challenge that climbing brings him. Zander’s favorite part about coaching is being able to give back everything he’s learned from Team himself. He likes watching the kids reach the same milestones he himself was one passing. He’s also realized that when he helps others get better, his own climbing improves.